Corn up 5, beans up 4, wheat up 2

Crude Oil- 59.87 down .36
US Dollar- 96.47 down .01
DOW- 25,972 up 227
The markets held the positive momentum today with corn up 5 and beans up 4. Funds are covering some shorts and there was a small amount of light shed on the flooding issue around the Midwest. Aside from that there was an email going around today stating that China MIGHT buy corn as early as April. There are plenty out there calling for lower corn acres, one due to weather so we’ll see how that turns out. We do have a report out next Friday, which is supposed to be a relatively important report.  The flooding really has a lot of folks pretty nervous, not only for grain but also for livestock, the river is expected to crest on Saturday I believe , possibly Sunday so we’ll see how it turn out. if you are in a flood zone and are needing to move grain you need to call us so we can work on making arrangements to help as best we can.
Thoughts and Prayers to those effected.
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