Corn up 4, beans up 2, wheat up 7

Crude Oil- 41.83 down .09
US Dollar- 94.92 down .16

DOW- 27,005 up 165
The markets showed some life today with grains higher. There was some interest out of china for some beans but like I said yesterday, unless they show up wanting to buy a massive amount its just not going to spur a rally. We got a 3-cent gain today. To be honest, it’s a bit of a miracle that beans weren’t lower, the US demanded China close one of their consulates in Houston which was expected to cause issues, its not like that sends warm a fuzzy feeling between the US and China. The crop is healthy, nobody is reporting significant issues most are feeling very good about the crop, and the market knows it. Unless something changes in a BIG way, I would look for cheaper prices. The dollar is dropping like a hot rock sitting at 94.92 at the moment which might be supporting things a bit.
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