Corn up 1, beans down 3, wheat down 4

Crude Oil- 56.71 down 1.63
US Dollar- 97.53 up .004
DOW- 20,208 up 12
Alright, day 2 of a pathetic joke… you of course know I’m talking about the markets as beans were lower again today.  The Chinese have yet to belly up to the table and buy any beans from us, I’ve read that they intend to buy from Brazil until we’re nearing new crop, I also read that they have 30 days from the signing to begin their purchases, so we’ll see. The stock market doesn’t seem too concerned of the other day 2 disaster as the Dow is holding above the 29,000 mark! The weather is as to be expected for the 22nd of January with rain this morning and show this afternoon Mother Nature is working to give us our taste of winter weather. There have been a lot of questions about what we think of the markets, my opinion is this: Initially we thought the report was going to help us, it didn’t. Then we thought the signing of the Trade deal would help, it didn’t. Now we’re waiting on the Chinese to show up and buy some of our beans. They did buy some of our corn last week and we saw how the corn market reacted, you can assume them that beans would do the same. Seems like we just keep kicking the can down the road.
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