Ray-Carroll: Rooted in Missouri Agriculture

More than 80 years ago, Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers was built from wood, steel, and the notion that local farmers could prosper by helping each other.

The beginnings of Ray County Grain Growers date back to the Great Depression. After Congress established the Agricultural Marketing Act to establish farmer marketing associations, farmers nationwide organized cooperatives to market their grain. Growers in Ray County, Missouri, were no exception. They incorporated their co-op in 1931 and set membership dues at $10—a fee that remains unchanged to this day.

By 1934, the group purchased grain elevators in four central Missouri communities, including Richmond, Hardin, Norborne, and Carrollton. Members also voted to change the cooperative’s name to Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers, Inc.

While Ray-Carroll’s services have evolved since those early days, the cooperative spirit remains unchanged. We’re proud to help local farmers and rural communities succeed, thanks to the power of partnerships.
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