Safety Smarts Pay at Ray-Carroll

A secure workplace and safe work habits go hand in hand. That’s why we emphasize a culture of safety at Ray-Carroll County Grain Growers.

Safety Director Dean Alling (816-615-6031) works with team members at all our locations and coordinates safety training sessions throughout the year.

It’s all about putting people first and making life better for our team members. It’s our desire that everyone at Ray-Carroll remains healthy to enjoy their lives, and to be around for their children and grandchildren for years to come.

Safety Alert

Safety Alert 1: As harvest unfolds in its fury, please slow down and think about what you are doing. Common sense and good judgment will go a long way in keeping everyone safe in the fields and at the hectic elevators. Everyone is rushing around trying to squeeze as much as they can into windows between the rains. History shows that injuries usually happen to farmers or employees who have many years of experience. They get complacent and never think something will happen to them. (“I have been doing it this way my whole life and never been hurt.”) That’s when it happens! Take the time to make this a safe harvest.

Safety Alert 2: Anhydrous Ammonia season will begin soon. It is important to always respect this product. When working with Anhydrous Ammonia, always have the following available: WATER-WATER-WATER, long sleeve shirts and pants, splash-proof goggles, and insulated rubber gloves and boots. In the event that you come in contact with the gas or liquid, the first thing you want to do is get away from it as quickly as possible. Flush as much water as you can on any affected area. This product will attack your eyes, nose, and mouth because it is seeking water. If you are covered with the product, try to submerse yourself in water (or shower) if you can, and do not remove clothing until you have gotten water on it or when it thaws. Anhydrous Ammonia turns to gas at -44 degrees, so it will freeze your clothing to your skin. This product is a fantastic fertilizer and will provide you with quality corn yields, but it must be respected at all times.

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