Ursa Farmers Cooperative sells Lewis corn, soybeans and wheat. UFC and Lewis Hybrids have been in the business of building relationships and helping farmers increase their bottom line One field at a time!® for over 20 years.
Ursa Farmers Co-op sells Liberty Link soybeans. The LibertyLink® system is a simply better solution combining high-performing genetics with excellent weed control on tough-to-control and resistant weeds for high yields that deliver.
Ursa Farmers Co-op handles a full line of cover crop seeds.  There are many variables to consider when fitting cover crops into an overall cropping system. It may take a 2-3 year plan to fully integrate cover crops, but the earlier a plan is in place, the easier it will be.
Matching Cover Crops to your Goals:
Reduce Soil Erosion
Sequester Nutrients
Build Organic Material
Create a Nitrogen Source
Break Up Soil Compaction
Generate Additional Forage
Provide Weed & Pest Control
Create Financial Value
Add Wildlife Habitat

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Seed and Agronomy Consultants

Brian Bohlen, Seed Department Manager: 319.217.9282
Kellen Krueger, Seed Sales Consultant: 660-342-8303

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