Crop Insurance  12/01/14 4:12:56 PM

Multiple-Peril & Crop Hail Insurance

 MPCI and related products have long been a major focus of our business.   The agency owners purchase crop insurance for their own operations, so they understand your questions and concerns.  We employ experienced staff to service your account. 

We  make a concerted effort to research and understand the intricacies of crop insurance to insure that you receive the best possible coverage by:
   *   Maximizing your current proven yields
   *   Maximizing your unit structure
   *   Obtaining the best history for added land.            
   *   Using written agreements to obtain coverage
        for crops not insurable at standard rates in
        your county.

Everyone in the agency attends crop insurance training twice a year to stay abreast of program changes and new products.  We hold semi-annual grower meeting in several locations close to you to keep you informed of program changes. We have been blessed to develop and maintain a sizeable book of crop insurance business.  We currently insure wheat, barley, rangeland, forage, forage seeding, canola, dry peas, livestock, and potatoes for clients in 23 different counties in  Montana. Our latest efforts to help our clients manage their crops and operations includes providing a binder with maps of all fields that can be used for acreage and production reporting.  We also print, in house, wall maps of the entire farm up to a size of 3’X8’.  We can also produce pocket size map/record books for our clients.
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