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About Three Rivers Energy

Lakeview Three Rivers energy is located in Coshocton, Ohio, 70 miles east of Columbus, and is part of the larger Lakeview group of companies. The plant produces 55mgy of ethanol and 165000 tons of dried distillers' grains soluble. All fuel grade ethanol is sold locally through refineries and retail outlets in Ohio and neighboring states. The dried distillers' grain is sold to local animal feed markets as a valuable source of protein and fiber.

Lakeview Energy have been investors in the biofuels industry since 2006 and already own and operate another Delta T bio-refinery in Iowa called Plymouth Energy.

         Team:           President: Jim Galvin
                                COO: Eamonn Byrne
                                CFO: Steve Meyer
                                Controller of TRE:  Brandon Holl
                                Plant Manager: 
Jared Adams
                                Production Manager: Chad Bradford
                                Quality Manager : Stacie Bible
                                Commodities Manager: Wade Sauerbrey
                                Enviro & Logistics Manager: Erik Chaffer
                                Health & Safety Manager:  Brian Daugherty

                                Reliability Manager: Jon Roberts
                                Maintenance Manager: Cody Carnes
                                Lab Manager : Scott Farley
                                Office Manager: Toni Trowbridge

Commodities Sales: Wade Sauerbrey

Corn Procurement: 
Wade Sauerbrey

                                     Aaron Coventry

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