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  STB Chairman Expresses Concern Over Container Supply Chain Issues
  Bill Leaves Out Climate, Clean Energy 08/03 06:09
  WH Calls on States to Prevent Evictions08/03 06:17
  IMF OKs Big Increase in Funds 08/03 06:04
  McCarthy Asked to Recant Pelosi Taunt 08/03 06:13
  US Orders 24 Russian Diplomats Out 08/03 06:16
  Afghan Pres. Seeks Defense of Cities 08/03 06:08
  Europe Scrambles for Heat Resources 08/03 06:12
  US Stocks Shake Off Wobbly Start 08/03 15:51
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@C1U 551'2 0'6
@S1Q 1398'0 5'6
@W1U 727'0 2'4
@O1U 444'2 -0'6
MSFT 287.120000 2.300000
WMT 143.820000
XOM 58.200000

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