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  Continued Demand Keeps DTN Average DDG Price Higher
  Russia Toughens Posture on Ukraine 01/22 09:25
  Yemen Prison Airstrike Kills 82 01/22 09:32
  Canada, US, Allies Talk Aid for Haiti 01/22 09:21
  Baltic Nations to Ship Arms to Ukraine 01/22 09:27
  Texas AG Refuses to Hand Over Records 01/22 09:31
  Sinema Faces Blowback in AZ for Votes 01/22 09:24
  Intel to Build $20B Ohio Chip Facility 01/22 09:26
  US Stocks Extend Losses for Third Week 01/21 16:05
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@C2H 618'0 5'2
@S2H 1415'0 -11'4
@W2H 778'4 -10'2
@O2H 620'0 -18'0
MSFT 296.030000 - 5.570000
WMT 140.190000
XOM 72.170000

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