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  DDG Prices Lower Again
  Shutdown Logjam Remains Over Border 01/22 05:59
  Giuliani Walks Back Moscow Comments 01/22 06:06
  House Dems Scrutinize Ed. Secretary 01/22 05:55
  Death Toll Hits 45 in Taliban Attack 01/22 06:02
  US Aid Cuts Hit Palestinians 01/22 06:05
  Judge Weighs GOP Claim in NC Race 01/22 05:58
  China to Give $600M in Aid to Cambodia 01/22 06:01
  Stocks Sink on Growth Fears 01/22 17:05
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@C9H 379'6 0'6
@S9H 912'4 3'2
@W9H 523'0 1'6
@O9H 294'0 -3'0
MSFT 105.680000 - 2.030000
WMT 97.490000 -0.240000
XOM 71.890000 -1.100000

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