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  Surface Transportation Board Rules on Market Dominance
  Biden Picks Harris as Running Mate 08/12 06:30
  Court Wary of Dismissing Flynn Case 08/12 06:41
  Antibody Drugs Tested to Treat COVID-1908/12 06:25
  UN Council at Odds Over Lebanon Plan 08/12 06:36
  US Revises UN Resolution on Iran 08/12 06:40
  Iran Hard-Liners Reject Pres. Nominee 08/12 06:29
  China Blasts US for Taiwan Visit 08/12 06:33
  Wall Street Rebounds on Wednesday 08/12 15:56
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@C0U 319'4 5'0
@S0Q 894'6 4'2
@W0U 493'0 1'6
@O0U 265'0 0'0
MSFT 209.190000 5.810000
WMT 131.350008 - 0.539992
XOM 44.090000

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       Chart New Crop 2021 Wheat      
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  Milo      Chart Cash Milo      
       Chart New Crop 2020 Milo      
  Corn      Chart Cash Corn      
       Chart New Crop 2020 Corn      
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       Chart New Crop 2020 Beans      
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